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Contract Management and Compliance
for Consultants and Staffing Agencies

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Capital Consulting Latin America provides tailor-made compliance and contract management solutions in Central and South America, working within the worldwide framework of the Capital Consulting group. We work with consultants, staffing agencies and corporate clients managing contracts and providing infrastructure support. Our detailed knowledge of the industry and of local and international regulations, coupled with our focus on excellence, allow us to help customers minimize up-front and ongoing costs as well as ensuring compliance and managing risks on their behalf.

We have a formidable team of international labor, immigration and tax specialists, with exceptionally wide experience, who will ensure that working in Latin America is both enjoyable and profitable for companies and individuals. Our experience includes:

This website is full of information about the Capital Consulting approach to compliance, immigration and contract and payroll management in Latin America. Whether you are an independent consultant or a professional working in international mobility or human capital, Capital Consulting will make your life easier.

We provide international tax planning and contract management services for consultants and human capital professionals throughout Latin America and worldwide.

The information presented on this website gives a superficial overview of a very complex topic. You should seek professional advice about what to do before leaving one country, what to do when arriving in a new country of work, and most importantly, what your tax and social security liabilities will be in both, before, during and after an assignment. Please contact us for more detailed advice at info@capitalconsultinglam.com
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